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Learning Has No Bounds

Thera-Pony was founded by Rebecca Tait & Jenna Gill in 2018.  Since founding, Thera-Pony has had the opportunity to help countless resident's, students and individuals smile, acquire foundational skills, develop new techniques and confidently move forward in their learning and self-development journey.  We offer lots of different services to individuals, Schools, and Organisations across Tayside.


In 2019 we released our flagship programme 'Ponies Helping People'.  Designed to address some of the biggest problems faced by our young people in today's society, mental wellness & personal development.  A versatile course designed to help build confidence, presence and self-efficiency to aid mental wellbeing in Children & Young people.  The ponies are the facilitators, the clients are the learners and the staff, volunteers and mentors are the practitioners - we all have a role to play.


2020 forced us to realise our hopes for Thera-Pony's future, with the pandemic we found ourselves stranded in uncertainty, we turned to our followers, and we were blown away by the kindness of our customers, clients and people we haven't even met yet. And it helped us realise that our work is as important you, as it is to us. You have shown us with your kind sponsorship and donations and told us with you beautiful messages of hope for our business - this gave us the drive to not let go of our dream.  we closed down the R&J partnership and we brought to life a new chapter in our story.

Thera-Pony C.I.C

The new chapter of our story begins as we embrace the change from stranded uncertainty to community!


Our aim is to support our clients from all backgrounds, including those who have suffered from adverse trauma such as abuse, neglect or deprivation; those who have behavioural, social & emotional or neurocognitive issues such as Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder and Autism,  to gain insight and personal growth & wellness.  To develop transferable life skills through Equine Assisted Activities and Equine Facilitated Learning (EFL).  Through structured plans of care and using Goal-Based Outcomes, activities and time we developed a model to support our young people struggling with these adversities. 

There is nothing that cannot be learned through horses!

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