Life after Lockdown

As we all prepare to re-enter the world on a new normal basis, we begin to assess the effects of coronavirus and lockdown on our children’s mental health and we, at Thera-Pony, consider how now, more than ever, we can help.

As a business with a social impact, our programme ‘Ponies Helping People’ helps support a lot of young people with social, behaviour or additional support needs.  Our latest project is aimed at supporting those affected by a long period of isolation during lockdown who may be struggling with anxiety, low self-esteem, and confidence.


Our Programme is a mix of Equine Activities and wellness techniques such as movement and mindfulness, this allows the young people the opportunities to take part in activities and learn to understand themselves more all at the same time.  All our Equine learning activities teach transferable skills, everything learned through horses can be transferred into daily life, there is nothing that cannot be learned through horses.

We have adapted our programme with the effects of Covid-19 in mind. 

People of all ages have a lifelong engagement with the outdoors for mental and physical health, wellbeing is inspired through outdoor activities and adventures, this leads to increased participation and the development of character, resilience, personal motivation, and hope.  Meaningful relationships across communities enrich a sense of place and enhance social skills.  The added benefits of Equine and Mindfulness ensure for a greater self-understanding.

Over the past 2 years, we have worked closely with a lot of schools and organisations across Dundee, Perth and Angus delivering Equine Assisted Therapy sessions on-site and Equine Activities & Learning from our centre,  now, we have a tailored programme designed specifically for our centre which has been adapted for schools and organisations to help cope with the after-effects of the COVID pandemic and life after lockdown. 


Sessions can be for specific school groups or just 1 or 2 individuals from your school or organisation whom you think would benefit.

We also work with the public, if you feel like our programme can help you then please do get in touch 



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