Bringing joy indoors too

Pony Therapy visits to establishments such as care homes, nursing homes, and residential living tend to be very popular, 

Our ponies are specially trained to deliver their services indoors which means everyone can benefit from the joy they bring.  They wear special bags for hygiene and sometimes even shoes to ensure they don't slip on the wooden floors.

We spend between 1h - 1.5h visiting residents in the communal areas and if necessary in their bedrooms.

The residents love meeting the ponies.


Why Pony Therapy?  

The Alzheimer’s Society has discussed the positive impact that animals have on people living with dementia.  Animals can soothe & relieve anxiety and can help to improve their quality of life. 

A number of small-scale studies suggest that time spent with animals in care homes can have positive effects on people with dementia. For example, spending time with visiting animals has been shown to reduce blood pressure and anxiety, and improve social interaction and sleeping patterns. It can also reduce the late-afternoon restlessness.


  • Visits from 1hour 

  • Include 2 ponies

  • Prices start from £150


Reach out for more information.

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