Through our sessions, students have the opportunity to learn new skills, techniques and build self-confidence in a fun, dynamic way.  Over the week's children will work with the ponies and the handlers learning about body movements and ques, grooming and care of the ponies and how to lead the ponies safely and confidently after building a bond.  The children will grow their self-esteem and skills using the techniques learned across the sessions.


These activities are great for children in core groups or for those who have neurocognitive conditions and learning disabilities as well as being a great treat for those in mainstream learning (a great stress buster for exam times), these sessions have great therapeutic value

working with the ponies we use Equine Assisted Activities.  This can benefit children by improving cognitive and sensory processing, emotional regulation as well as fine and gross motor skills.  

we will work with each school to build a plan to suit the children's needs and key learning outcomes.  We link our session with the SHANARRI indicators on the wellbeing wheel to ensure we Get It Right For Every Child.

There are 2 School packages:

Ponies to School

we bring the ponies into the school and deliver our Equine Assisted Activities (EAA) session from the playground.  These mini learning opportunities are delivered in a fun and safe manner.  We work closely with our allocated core groups over the term/block learning about the ponies and how to stay safe, learning about their care and how to help them stay healthy by grooming - learning the name and the job of each of the brushes in the kit.  The children will eventually learn the skills required to take the ponies on a short walk.  These mini sessions are great for understanding and learning about equines but they are also great tools for relaxation and reflection and offer benefits such as fine and gross motor skill development, sensory processing, coordination, understanding, healthy choices, active lives and much more

School to Yard

These sessions are delivered through our Ponies Helping People Programme and they offer much more for the children, they allow more time and more learning opportunities and have the best outcomes.  The children will watch the ponies and observe their behaviour and body language, learn to understand the ques and the personalities of each horse and how their behaviour and personalities are similar to ours.  they will take part in activities and tasks.  Each session there will be a new learning opportunity.  Sessions are child-led at their own pace and goal-oriented.  We use the Goal-Based Outcome scale to collaborate with the children and measure our impact and their achievement. Learning journals are also recorded by the child at the end of the session as a means of reflection.

There is nothing we cant learn through horses - every skill learned on the yard or around horses is a transferable skill, skills we need in our everyday experiences.  We learn nature-based and equine husbandry, team-building skills, communication, healthy choices and active lifestyles. 


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