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where our inspiration comes from.

 Our incredible ponies truly are the heart of Thera-Pony C.I.C. Their calm nature, willingness and love for humans keep us inspired and invested in the process of our clients throughout their equine assisted therapy and equine assisted learning journey. Take a look below at our fantastic herd.

Each pony is available for sponsorship and every single penny from each sponsorship will go towards the feed, daily care, vet & farrier bills.  These sponsorships are essential to the survival of the centre and help ensure the ponies can stay in their current loving home during this unprecedented time and beyond.

Each sponsorship is £5 per month and each sponsor will receive

  • An e-welcome pack with information about us and their chosen pony

  • 1 meet & greet with their chosen pony per subscription year (T&C apply)

Our therapy ponies have all been donated. Some are with us on a lifetime loan, some have come to us to retire from competition homes or outgrown riders and others have been rescued and given to us because they have nowhere else to go.

we provide them with a sanctuary and they provide us with unconditional love

Our ponies are often a lifeline to children who are struggling to stay in education, can’t make or sustain friendships and are unable to cope with the pressures of daily life.

They are the Ponies Helping People

Please sponsor one of our amazing ponies to help them help others 

Tippy therapy pony


14 y/o Mare

Tippi has come to us with her best friend Twinkle. She is a sweet little girl who is always at the gate waiting to see what special people she will get to meet today.

Thera-Pony Bright


21 y/o Mare

Bright is our tina-turner lookalike with an attitude to match. she is a miniature shetland and although she may be 20 shes fit as a fiddle and still keen to get on with her job. Fav mood: nosey

Thera-Pony Carly


3 y/o Mare

Carly, the miniature shetland, is the youngest pony at R&J and has the biggest character ever! she loves a belly rub and will roll all over you given the change, dog or pony? fav mood; cheeky

Thera-Pony Bella


14 y/o Mare

Bella's is a miniature shetland, her best friend is rosy and shes typically quiet and reserved a proper lady pony. fav mood; quiet

Thera-Pony Rocky


8 y/o Gelding

Rocky is a cheeky chappy miniature shetland, he's such a dude will follow you around to make sure you're not smuggling snacks. fav mood; investigator

Thera-Pony Hercules


20 y/o Gelding

Aka Herky-Perky, part-time unicorn. it's herc's way or the high way! fave mood; party pony



14 y/o Mare

Twinkle is Tippi's BFF! inseparable for life. Twinkle is a miniature shetland who loves a fuss.  She likes to come to have a groom and go for little walks.  She needs a special diet to manage her laminitis, this means minimal grass for her but her favourite food is hay.

smarty therapy pony.jpg


14 y/o Mare

Smarty is a miniature shetland pony. She is just the sweetest mare! She lives with Tippi and Twinkle in their special paddock, and the three of them get on great. smarty's favorite food is a carrot (but not too many) 



7 y/o Mare

Bonnie is the biggest pony we use at Thera-Pony and her personality matched. She is also our newest member and still making friends!

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