Coming Soon

The Thera-Patch is in production!

A green space to learn about sustainability, recycling, composting, nutrition and healthy diets!

Our garden program (known as the Thera-Patch) will function as a platform for reducing stress, facilitating moments of reflection and offer up opportunities to start conversations relating to life, healthy choices, nutrition, sustainability, and overall personal wellness.  Time in the Thera-Patch; anxiety is reduced, and activity is increased.


The Thera-Patch allows us to place a much-needed emphasis on healthy living and shows how hard work pay’s off.  We teach the joys of playing hard, working hard and being nice and the prospect of gaining a return for our efforts.   Our mentors work just as hard as the kids working side by side, demonstrating work can be fun and rewarding.

Everyone who visits the Centre are encouraged to volunteer at the Thera-Patch during their equine assisted learning journey, working alongside a volunteer staff members that will be available to answer questions and encourage everyone to consider the current state of their health and if needed, take a lead role in moving themselves and their families towards a more active and nutrition minded home and lifestyle.

the sessions in the Thera-Patch will complement the journey the client takes here at Thera-Pony.