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Ponies Helping People


About the Programme

Stable Days | PHP is a dedicated part of the programme specifically designed with care experienced children and young people in mind.

Stable Day's vision and approach is to create a stable, secure environment, populated with nurturing staff, volunteers and mentors to provide important protective and reliable encounters for children and young people, helping them to build up their resilience. This enables care experienced children and young people to feel loved, supported,  safe and respected by the people around them.   It's a place for them to experience and enjoy stable, nurturing relationships that help prepare them for life.

Stable Day's enhance the young people’s wellbeing, capacity, willingness and readiness to learn and develop life skills to improve attainment in a way that is consistent with the Getting It Right for Every Child approach. We do this through a trauma-informed lens.

We achieve this through

  • Active Engagement

  • Consistent Commitment

  • Community Involvement

  • Individualised Attention

  • Attainable Goals​

The Sessions


During the Stable Day's | PHP programme the young people will team up with a mentor and they will work with the same mentor throughout their time on the programme.  This 1 on 1 mentorship is the foundation for building stable lasting and nurturing relationships.

The mentor and mentee will work together to develop the young persons' care plan where the young person will highlight 3 personal goals for what they would like to achieve, ​these are based on what changes they think would make the most positive, impact on their lives. They rate themselves for these goals at the start, middle and end of the programme on a scale of 0-10 using the Goal-Based Outcome score (GBOs).

What's included

  • 1-hour session

  • 1-on-1 mentorship

  • Child-led fun activities

  • Skills development

  • Mentor match

The programme runs over a period of 6 months 

Why EFL, Stables Day's | PHP

Equine Facilitated Learning (EFL) is the type of intervention used during our Ponies Helping People Programme and is delivered through a trauma-informed lens. The methods we use include equine activities and an equine environment in order to promote physical, occupational, and emotional growth 

"Overcoming trauma requires a foundation of stable, nurturing, loving relationships. Scotland’s focus and understanding of risk must shift to understand the risk of not having stable, loving, safe relationships. For above all else the Care Review has heard it is that children want to be loved, and recovery from trauma is often built on a foundation of loving, caring relationships." - The Promise


 The Stable Day's | PHP program can help the individual build confidence, self- efficiency, communication, trust, perspective, social skills, impulse control, and learn boundaries.

As well as equine-based activities we use other techniques such as meditation and mindfulness.

Teaching children and young people how to communicate with horses through observations, body language, energy and pressure lets them develop a greater understanding of empathy, social- and self-awareness. As they get acquainted in their routine with their mentors and horse, their willingness to apply themselves improves. This success eventually translates to home, school and community settings.

Engaging children in planning their sessions helps them to feel valued and shows that their mentor cares about their wellbeing. Children may fail to engage with planning for learning unless they believe it will lead to change and improvement. Outcomes improve if looked after children have clear plans which explicitly identify goals, tasks, targets, and allocate areas of responsibility for implementing them that is why we use the GIRFEC and SHANARRI models as well as GBOs

Jenna & Carly with Ball
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